Bowling Alley In House

Bowling has always been a popular sport among people from different nationalities. In America for instance, about 50 million people love the sport and more people world over are getting addicted to bowling.

If you are a great fan of this sport and could be contemplating to score strikes in the comfort of your home, it is possible to achieve this dream. It is now possible to get a home bowling alley from a number of professional companies that offer these services.

However, you should consider the following useful tips before proceeding with the purchase and installation of your bowling alley at home.

Bowling Alley In House

Benefits of Building a Home Bowling Alley

Although embarking on this project could seem a bit excessive or expensive, in the end it will be well worth it. Bowling enthusiasts who have made such a decision will attest that it was a dream come true. You will not have to wait before getting open lanes, zero distraction and the flexible hours of operation will ensure maximum enjoyment of your favorite game.

Important Factors to Consider Before Making This Investment

If you are fully interested in the installation of a home bowling alley, it is important to first of all note that the whole project will be costly. It is estimated that building an individual commercial alley will cost about $45,000. This figure includes the purchase and use of all new equipment, chairs and contemporary scoring equipment.

However, buying second hand ball return, pinsetters as well as furniture could decrease the cost a bit. You should be well prepared financially as this project is projected to cost quite a fortune.

Another important factor to consider is space. If you are to build two residential bowling lanes, you will need a space of about 90’ x 11’ or about 110’ x 11’ – 6” of space when a lounge area is desired.

The bowling alley will require an adequate space in your home as well as an additional buffer space to be allowed in order to keep the noise level down. This will be important to ensure that the noise is kept at a minimum from the other parts of the house and the neighbors as well.

Type of Bowling Lanes and Other Extras

After ensuring that you have adequate money and space at your disposal, you can proceed to the next step of realizing the dream of building your own home bowling alley.

It is possible to get your own customized lane that will be built according to your preference and directions. You can give your exact specifications and your lane will be altered in the best way possible to fit your taste.

It is also possible to choose your preferred lane from a number of designs available from the bowling lane installation company of your choice.

When considering adding some extras to your bowling alleys at home, it is important to consider working with a professional or company that specializes in the type of work you need.

The best companies or professionals to work with are those who have been in the business for long as they are more experienced and understand their stuff really well. You might require professional service when installing a ball return or pinsetter, building a bar, adding sound proofing or changing the lighting.


Commercial bowling alleys require top-notch maintenance services in order to reduce the rate of wear and tear as well as prolong their life spans. However, your home bowling alley will not need a lot of maintenance as only a few people will be using it.

Furthermore, there are various bowling lane installation companies that can install a lane that does not require much maintenance. They can come up with a lane that does not require the special bowling shoes, oiling or expensive maintenance technicians.

These bowling lanes can handle the normal street shoes and you can easily maintain them in order to cut down on the costs involved. You will not also have to worry about any scuff marks, dirt or spills on the lanes.

A home bowling alley installation company will use a lane surface made from hard phenolic resin that is indestructible. It is also easier to maintain as it is maintained just like the normal tile floor. A simple damp mop and spray cleaner will do the magic and leave your lanes looking spectacular year in year out.

All the above are some of the important factors that you should consider before going to buy your preferred home bowling alley.